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How I Went From $1MM To $23MM In Sales In A Single Year

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I got asked an interesting question by Carlos Rosario, which I’ll paraphrase here: 👇

“You mentioned that in the first year you had a supplement company, you grossed $1MM but lost $200k. Then you did $23MM the next year at a profit. What were the issues in that first year? What changed the second year?”

One morning, I had a few extra minutes…

So I decided to record a “quick” video answering that question.🎥

Well, in true Stefan-Georgi-Loves-Long-Form fashion…

That “quick video” morphed into me, taking about 20 minutes to share pretty much every mistake I made when I launched my first supplement company…❌

And really, I practically give you the blueprint for what you need to do if you want to launch a health supplement company, or a physical product company, in the future.

This is also super pertinent even if you’re currently running an offer and doing a few millions…

Because some of the advice here can probably help you scale to 8 figures and beyond.

Anyways, I posted the video in the Justin and Stefan Talk Copy Facebook Group…

And if you want to take a watch, you can check it out using this link.



P.S. Like I mentioned in my Facebook post, where I share the video…

Honestly, this advice is probably worth 6 figures to anyone who follows it…

So if you’re at all interested in launching your own offers…

I really think it’s worth checking out when you have a minute.

P.P.S. Oh and if you’re not a member of Justin and Stefan Talk Copy yet, you should absolutely join.

The group is “free.”

But if you go through, you’ll see it’s a pretty amazing community of copywriters and marketers all supporting one another – so you’ll definitely benefit from being a part of it!

Click here to join the group.

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