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How Your Alarm Clock Can Change Your Life

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As the many people who’ve embraced my RMBC method and told their 9 to 5 jobs to shove it can attest, being a freelance marketing copywriter has countless perks. The income opportunities are limitless, and the schedule provides complete flexibility. But that flexibility can test your discipline. There’s no one telling you to be at your desk on time or you’ll be fired. Without those rigid parameters, it can be tempting to let your schedule—and your productivity—slip.

As you find your groove as a freelancer, I’ll share a tip that has been a game changer for me: Wake up early. I was already an early riser, but lately, I’ve been pushing my wake-up time an hour earlier to 5/5:30 a.m. with amazing results.

If you’re a night owl, you’re probably feeling pretty skeptical right now, but stay with me. There’s research to back me up. One study showed that early risers procrastinate less than those who stay up late and sleep in. Another study found that college students who go to bed earlier did better in school than those who stayed up late. But my anecdotal evidence is enough for me. Few modifications have made such a big difference in my productivity and peace of mind.

The Perks

There are reasons why starting the day early sets us up for success. Here are a few:

How to Get Yourself in Bed

If you’re not used to turning in at a decent hour, you’ll need some strategies to build a new routine.

How to Get Yourself out of Bed

If you’d like to try being an early bird, but you’re out of the habit—or never were in the habit—you’ll want to ease into it.

Take a good hard look at your schedule. If there’s a way to shift things earlier, try it out… gradually, of course. Work out. Finish that work project. Step outside and see the moon in a whole new light. Be patient… it may hurt at first, but chances are, you’ll discover why so many successful people swear by the magic of mornings.


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