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As you may know, I recently partnered with a health supplement company doing around $50MM a year…🤝

And my goal is to take them to 9 figures as fast as possible.🎯

The first offer I worked on for the JV is a gut product.

I followed RMBC…👌

Did my research, come up with a unique mechanism, figured out my “Big Idea” and all that other stuff.

For the lead, I initially came up with two different leads in about an hour…

But what’s interesting is that I didn’t have them perfectly mapped out
before I started writing.

Don’t get me wrong:

Just start writingI knew what major elements the lead would have thanks to the “C” in RMBC…

I just didn’t know all the little details…

But I figured it was better to write something than to write nothing 🙂

And more specifically…

Here’s what was going through my head:

1. A lot of copywriters tend to overthink their leads.

When you’re new, it can feel like you’re not sure what to put (unless you follow something like RMBC)…

So you can spend time feeling paralyzed.

And then what’s even more interesting…

Is that I think the problem of “overthinking leads” is actually much worse for advanced copywriters.


You’re cursed with the gift of knowledge…

You know how important a good lead is…

And you know all these things that you “could” or maybe “should” add to your lead…

Yet, as a result of this knowledge, you end up trying to jam too much stuff into the opening…

The lead swells to 2k words (when it should really be more like 500-700 words)…

And it becomes technically “sound,” but it also overwhelms the prospect.

That’s why I like to just dive in and write a lead or two as soon as I’m done with RM&B…

That way, I don’t have time to really overthink things…

And generally, my leads end up being way better than I would have expected anyways.

2. Momentum.

Just start writingThe more of a sales letter you get done, the more motivated to finish it you are.

As soon as I had those two lead variants written, I was like, “damn I can knock out the rest of this letter in two days tops!”


When it comes to writing sales copy, momentum is your friend.

So try to capture that momentum whenever possible…

Then ride it as far as it’ll take you 🙂



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