My 3 criteria for writing a great unique mechanism

When writing sales copy, keep your mechanisms as simple as possible (without losing the parts that make the mechanism unique).🧐

My criteria for a good unique mechanism are: 👇

1. It’s easily digestible and transferable.

My 3 criteria for writing a great unique mechanismA good mechanism is like a meme. It’s something that the prospect can hear once, easily share with others, and then remember forever.

The best unique mechanisms can be explained to others in 1-2 sentences.

Multi-step mechanisms tend to bomb. Not always – a more complicated mechanism CAN work, but the odds are lower. It’s better to keep things simple.🤷

2. It’s wildly interesting.

This part is HUGE. If your mechanism is digestible and transferable but also boring – prospects won’t care.

You want them to go, “wow, I never thought of it that way, that’s fascinating! I feel smart now that I know this, and I want to go share what I've learned with other people so they can comment about how smart I am too.”

Inherent in this is the fact that your mechanism really is unique.

​​It’s why, if you’re selling a probiotic, saying “the real problem is bad bacteria in your gut!” is going to bomb.

​​The prospect has thought of that before, so it’s not unique.​

3. It has two layers of proof.

My 3 criteria for writing a great unique mechanismThe first layer is intuitive proof.

​​When the prospect hears it, they should immediately go, “yeah, that makes sense.”

The second layer is empirical proof.

​​Studies, case studies, stats, quotes from experts, etc. Those are great but remember to sell with emotion first and logic second.

The only reason you even give them the “hard stuff” is so that the heart can convince the brain to come along for the ride. ​


There’s more on mechanisms for sure, but remembering these three points will do you a lot of good.

And If you don’t know what a Unique Mechanism is, that’s okay too…

I explain it in pretty good detail on my website here.




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Stefan Georgi

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