The secret to good rewrites (surprising)…

Ever had a project where you just can’t get out of your own head? Where you started revising it, and then suddenly, what was initially some “decent” copy turns into this jumbled Frankenstein? 🤓

Here’s how you fix it:👇

You throw it out and start over. 

The secret to good rewrites (surprising)I know what you’re thinking, that sounds like a ton of work.

And it can be…

But in my experience, it’s still better than the alternative.

The alternative actually takes you longer.⏳

You keep reworking certain parts, only to realize they don’t fit well with the rest of the letter you’ve written…

And then you get so deep inside your own head…

That what should be small little edits lead to reworking the same section again-and-again.

The secret to good rewrites (surprising)You get frustrated and tired…

And it’s almost guaranteed that even after all of this hassle, stress, and headache…

You’re probably not going to be very happy with the “final” draft.

It’s kind of like if you were doing a painting…

And you fucked up really badly.

I’m not an artist, but I would assume the solution in a case like this wouldn’t be to just keep painting over the screw-up…

Instead, you’d be much better served by starting with a fresh canvas.

Well, when it comes to a letter that you’ve just turned into a mess…

You’ll likely find that you have a much easier time starting with a blank page.



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