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[Video] Two Married Copywriters Drink White Claw and Breakdown A Sales Letter

Two Married Copywriters

A few nights ago, my wife, Laura, and I decided to knock back a few cold ones. And by “cold ones,” I mean White Claws, not beers, because it’s 2020 and #GlutenFree.

Anyways, after we’d have a few delightful adult beverages, we recorded ourselves dissecting a random sales funnel we found on Clickbank.

We ended up picking an ED Offer for no other reason than we figured the copy would be entertaining (and it is). And the result is the video below.

Just a note – even though we’re a little bit tipsy, we end up providing a LOT of really good copywriting insights in this video. In particular, we focus a lot on the lead, the big ideas/hooks, the mechanism, as well as the copy about the product. We also go into the upsells a bit towards the end of the funnel.

Hopefully you enjoy, find this entertaining, and also level up your sales copy after watching this!


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