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Write To Stimulate Their Senses (All Of Them)


I try to do a morning walk almost every single day. 🌞

In fact, it is a habit I've had for nearly 15 years…⏳

And one I truly cherish it.😊

Probably my favorite part about these walks is the way they stimulate my senses…

Pretty much all of them.

This morning, for example…

I listened to the waves crashing against the shore…🌊

I watched the sun rising over the Pacific, the seagulls flying, the mist dissipating, the people surfing…🌤

I inhaled the cool, salty scent…

I felt the sun beating down on me, warming my skin…

And I swear I could taste the sea in my mouth as I walked.

The result of this stimulation was a feeling of aliveness, alertness, attentiveness, and contentedness…

And it turns out that there's a great parallel to this for when you write sales copy.

The best copy engages your prospects' senses as well. 


Through their imagination.

For example, when I'm writing a really good sales letter…

I'm telling the prospect to “Listen,” “Look,” “Feel” and more.

I'm writing stuff like:

“Can’t you almost taste it? That feeling of success. Imagine it’s 30 days from now, and you’re standing in front of your mirror. What do you see? How do you feel? Who is this person who is staring back at you?”

And sentences like: 

“Maybe it’s two weeks from now, and instead of sitting in the office, you’re out on the golf course. It’s a perfect morning and the scent of fresh-cut grass reminds you of your childhood. In the distance, you see birds soaring through the air. You listen as a light breeze rustles through the trees. And you can’t help but smile to yourself as you take it all in. This is where you belong. This is what you deserve. And that feeling that comes from knowing this can be your new reality each day, for the rest of your life, it’s almost indescribable.”

Make sense? (Pun intended).

The best writing engages the senses…

And I wanted to share that little tip with you 🙂


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