1x per week I go into the garage and freak out…


One time per week I go into the detached garage at our San Diego house and freak the *%#* out. 🤯

I’m not joking…😉

But I will at least give you a little context: 

We have a home gym in the garage…🏋

So ostensibly I’m going out there to lift.

What I’ve found though is that, about halfway through my lift each week…

I start thrashing my body around, rocking out, and dancing like an idiot.

1x per week I go into the garage and freak out…At first, I felt a little self-conscious about it…

But I have a ton of fun doing this…

And it makes me happy…

So now I just embrace it.

And today, I decided to film myself mid-freak out…

Then share it with you.

See Stefan dance like a lunatic for 51 seconds on YouTube. 

Why the hell am I sharing this video with you?

It is not because I’m a good dancer (good God am I not)…

It’s because if I can do weird stuff like this and not feel embarrassed…

Maybe it’ll make you feel more empowered to do something exhilarating today too…

Even if you’re also a little afraid of what other people will think.


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Stefan Georgi

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