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Are Copywriting Masterminds Really Worth the Investment? (And How to Pick One)

Are Copywriting Masterminds Really Worth the Investment? (And How to Pick One)

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It has been called one of the most unforgettable races in Olympic history, and if you saw the 400-meter hurdle finish for Karsten Warholm (Norway) and Rai Benjamin (USA) last month in Tokyo, you know what I’m talking about. Both men smashed the world record, which was set by Warholm roughly a month earlier. They did it in spite of the Tokyo humidity, with the synergy of the race and the neck-and-neck competition between the field of elites doubtless fueling them to run faster than they had ever run before.

The power of this synergy is woven throughout foot racing history. In 1945, Gunder Hagg of Sweden set the world record mile time at 4 minutes, 1.4 seconds. That record held for nine years until Roger Bannister of Britain crushed that 4-minute barrier with a finishing time of 3:59.4. Within a year, 24 others pushed past that seemingly unbreachable 4-minute threshold, inspired by Bannister’s stunning feat.

In many races today, organizers understand how important it is to have a pacesetter to inspire other runners. The Chicago, London, and Berlin marathons hire runners known as “rabbits” to set a fast pace in the first section of the race. These rabbits drop out partway into the race, but not until they’ve raised the bar for the other elite runners.

So what does all of this have to do with copywriting?

If you’re a good copywriter, you may be wondering how to become a great copywriter, and I’d argue that there’s something important to learn from the running world. If you want to write high-converting copy in this hyper-competitive market, you need a push, a “rabbit”—even a community of rabbits—to elevate your vision and your skill in ways that are difficult to do on your own.

One of the best ways to do this is through a mastermind. There are plenty of them out there; the challenge is picking the right one. As one of the world’s top grossing copywriters, I’ve seen what’s out there and come up with the following criteria for selecting a mastermind that will produce the best return on investment and drive your copywriting to new heights.

Find out how members communicate—and how frequently they communicate. It’s also worth asking about the group dynamics. I’m a big fan of diversity. My Copy Accelerator mastermind features a mix of copywriters and entrepreneurs from a broad range of industries and niches so we’re getting expertise from all sides.

These events should allow you to network, collaborate, and soak in the energy from other people who are leading out in the field of copywriting, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Look for reviews on past live events to see who spoke, who attended, and what attendees said about the experience.

My Copy Accelerator Mastermind members get full immersion in my proven copywriting method known as RMBC. It breaks copywriting into four simple sequences for copywriting mastery. It’s not a theory—it’s a template that has helped writers successfully scale on cold traffic again and again.

Look for methods, swipe files, specific instruction on writing killer headlines, ideas for increasing average order value (AOV), split tests to help you evaluate and optimize, upsell sequencing, specific strategies for raising your rates, and other nuts-and-bolts resources.

There are brilliant players working together in the freelance copywriting space. Through the framework of masterminds, they’re sharing, collaborating, “setting the pace,” and figuratively smashing the four-minute mile mark for copywriting. Investing in a mastermind is not just a nice perk—I would argue that it’s a critical strategy if you want to stay at the cutting edge of direct response/emotional response copywriting and continue to scale upward without interruption or plateaus.

You can visit my Copy Accelerator testimonials page to see what people are saying about my mastermind and how it is helping its 170 members generate over $1.5 billion in annual sales.

Life’s better when you don’t go it alone—so’s copywriting!


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