“Investing in Copy Accelerator has been the best decision that I’ve made for my freelancing business.

Because of the training that is inside the program alone, I have been able to take on projects otherwise would have felt equipped to take on simply because I did not have enough experience or my skill set was not the level that I needed to be at to take on those projects and feel like I could do a really good job for my clients.

On top of that, the community is amazing. Suppose you are looking for sales pages in a specific industry that is performing well and needs to, or you need new swipes, or you need to see specific examples.

In that case, all you are gonna is to reach out to the community. Everybody is pretty quick to respond or tag somebody in there to get the examples that you need to write winning sales pages or whatever copy that you needed.

Also, I have met some incredible writers and clients inside the program that I would not have met otherwise. Without a doubt, I could say that the introductions and the networking that you get inside the program are incredible.

It resulted in some really really awesome relationships both for me on a personal level and a business level. And I can’t say enough good things about Copy Accelerator like I am very happy to be a member of this program.

I highly encourage every freelancer or business owner to hire top talent or as a freelancer. If you are looking to become top talent or upgrade your skills even just a little bit, this is definitely the right place for you.

So if given the opportunity, you absolutely need to go in.”

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Stefan Georgi

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