“Firstly the content is fantastic, great stuff Stefan and crew!

Now I've been a bit of a lone wolf and think it's been holding me back…

Someone in Copy Accelerator suggested I look into RMBC in July… So I’ve finally taken the plunge!

I’m currently in Environmental Science.

Totally unrelated I know…

But it's actually kinda funny going through research with a copy hat on.

I'm pretty new to copy with a few web copy clients under my belt.

I started back in April when the pandemic forced me to return to the UK from traveling Australia…

I did my best to invest the “lockdown time” wisely and learned the basics.

But now I'm looking to level up and get some real, metric-backed DR experience and network!

I’ve been studying email for a few months now…

On all the lists I found in a spreadsheet in the J&STC group!

And having a go at writing 3 email variations for offers I keep seeing over and over…

I’ve also found both of Sabah's modules super interesting too! (But I know I should keep the blinkers on!)”

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Stefan Georgi

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