Experience and mastery of a high-value skillset are your most important assets…đź‘Ś

Even more so than actual financial assets, usually.

You can lose financial assets rather quickly if you’re foolish (or just unlucky)…

But nobody can take away experience or your skills🤷.

And guess what that makes you?

Pretty close to unf*ckable…

Which is a good thing to be.

For me personally, I think about this all the time:

Unf*ckableWhat if ________ disappeared tomorrow?

What if Copy Accelerator went away?

What if my call center closed down?

What if my email list disappeared?

What if I was “canceled?”

It doesn’t matter which business we’re talking about…

It could go away tomorrow, and I’d be fine.

I don’t want that to happen, of course…

But there’s no worry because I’d still have so many options:

I could launch new offers and make millions of dollars a year…

I could hustle and grind as a freelance copywriter for clients…

I could do consulting…

I could create events and workshops and sell the heck out of them…

I could do any one of countless things and maintain my current level of income (or exceed it).

It’s for this reason that I typically advise people who are earlier on in their journey not to worry so much about money.

Unf*ckableNewer freelancers – don’t worry so much about the rates you’re getting paid…

Newer entrepreneurs – don’t worry so much about your revenue mark in the first year.

I get it, it’s hard to do when you’re hungry and worried about having a roof over your head…

So I’m not saying to magically lose all of your money anxieties.

What I am saying, though, is to focus less on “big numbers” and more on sharpening your axe.

The more mastery you obtain, the more experience under your belt, the bigger the numbers tend to get anyways…

And even better, the more bulletproof you become to whatever life fires at you.




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Stefan Georgi

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