Emotional Response

You may have heard of this before…👂

But if you haven’t, let me share my definition:👇

Emotional ResponseDirect Response Marketing = Marketing where the objective is to get your prospect to take an immediate, external action after they’ve engaged with your content.


Emotional Response Marketing = Marketing where the objective is to get your prospect to immediately feel an INTERNAL reaction after they’ve engaged with your content.

It’s such a powerful concept.👌

Emotional Response Marketing is how you build a long-lasting relationship with prospects and customers…

And, frankly, it can lead to a whole lot more money and profit for you too.

From my perspective, emotional response is best practiced through authentic storytelling…

Instead of selling the click…

You’re selling your beliefs, attitudes, hopes, dreams, failures, fears, flaws, strengths, history, experiences, etc.

If you’ve been following me for a while…

You’ve noticed that this is a lot of what I do.

Here’s the thing, though:

Emotional ResponseI’m not doing this from a calculated perspective to “extract more money from my following”…

I use Emotional Response because it is intuitive and native to the person I am.

It’s a lot easier to be authentic than inauthentic…

Being fake is fucking exhausting.

And it just so happens that actually practicing authenticity is really good for business too.

I wish more brands would try it out.

I was doing some research, and I came across a pretty interesting stat:

Something like 91% of all brands think they are creating authentic content…

But only 50% of consumers think that most brands are authentic.

That’s a fascinating gap…

But it also highlights an amazing opportunity.

You can win by simply being “realer.”

How freaking cool is that?



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