Don’t listen to the grammar snobs

I saw a shared post on Facebook from someone saying they’ve started a war against the word “that.”

The person’s point was “that” this word is worthless when it comes to writing…🤨

And mostly a waste of space.

Now I have nothing against the person who doesn’t like the word “that”…🤷

I don’t know them, and hopefully, this post doesn’t get shared with them and turn into some weird thing…🙃

Because “that’s” not my intention.

Instead, the reason I’m writing this is because when it comes to copywriting…

​​Don’t listen to the grammar snobs.❌

Don’t Listen to the Grammar SnobsUnless you’re writing hardcore B2B selling a big enterprise product to the Harvard Educated CEOs of ultra-stuffy, buttoned-up multinational conglomerates…

Then the key to effective copy is to write conversationally.

I like to write the same way that people speak…

And it’s worked out pretty well for me lol.

But not just me, pretty much all of the best writers in the marketing space are very conversational…

And “that’s” the way you should write too…




“You see”











All of those words are great.

Using them doesn’t make you a bad writer…

Generally, if employed correctly, they make your message more effective.

You know what does make you a bad writer, though?

  1. Having awkwardly constructed sentences because you’re so worried about using some “no-no” word.
  2. Long-ass sentences that lose people’s attention spans.

So worry less about specific words or phrases…

And focus more on making sure your message is easily understood by your audience.

Do “that”…

And you’ll tend to come out ahead of those who do not.


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