Here Are the Supplements I Take When I’m Sick

One of the advantages of having written hundreds of health promos for supplements…

Is that I have a really good picture of which ingredients and remedies are legit…

And which ones aren’t. 

I’m not claiming to be a doctor or a scientist here or anything…

But, I would say I’m more knowledgeable about this stuff than the vast majority of the population…

Because I’ve easily read over 10,000 scientific studies in the last six years or so. 

Anyways, why am I bringing this up?

Because I want to share the products/ingredients that I personally believe in…

And that I take regularly, along with when I get sick or I’m fighting something off.

I’m writing this today, because yesterday, I was sick as a dog…

With a stomach bug that was causing me to throw up for much of the morning…

Along with a fever that hit 102 F and led to a bunch of painful body aches.

Today, I feel about 95% and I’m writing this from my office. 

I think that’s a pretty good turnaround…

And, it’s not an isolated incident…

Back in early November, there was a stomach bug going around Las Vegas.

Laura had it for five days…

The CEO of our Call Center had it for five days…

A ton of our employees had it for anywhere from three to seven days…

I had it for less than 24 hours. 

So, maybe you believe in supplements and natural stuff, or maybe you don’t…

But for me, this stuff works.

And, given we’re in the height of cold/flu season…

I wanted to share some of my top things. 

1. Greens

I personally use the Amazing Grass Green Superfood. I only started taking this product in the last 6 months or so, but it’s been a massive game-changer for me. There are too many good ingredients to count, but the ones I most like are organic spirulina and chlorella. 

Multiple human studies have shown both of these ingredients serve as immunomodulators. 

This means they give your immune system a boost when it needs one (ie. your fighting off an infection).

They also tell your immune system to “chill out” when it’s being overactive (which is the hallmark of both inflammation and allergies). 

I normally take one scoop of Amazing Grass in the morning. When I’m sick, I up the dosage. Yesterday, I took two big servings of Amazing Grass and it seems to have made a big difference. 

2. Structured Silver

I’d never really heard of medicinal silver until two years ago, when I did some promos for a new company. When I went through all of the research on it though, it piqued my interest. In particular, I spent hours on the phone with Dr. Gordon Pederson who has three Ph.D.s from Utah State University in Toxicology, Immunology, and Biology. He’s on the board of multiple medical institutions and performed his internship work under Dr. Jonas Salk – the guy who cured polio. 

Dr. Pederson is a powerful advocate of silver as a supplement. Why? It’s antiviral, antimicrobial and antipathogenic.

Silver particles stop viruses and other bad stuff inside your body from replicating. They do this by literally exploding the DNA of those viruses, as well as by rupturing their cell walls. 

Structured silver is a specific type of liquid solution where nanosilver particles are bonded to water. The reason “structured” is important is because this bonding ensures the silver passes through your body and then gets urinated out. This is opposed to other forms of silver (like colloidal) where the silver can build up in your system over time. 

The brand I personally use is My Doctor Suggests. It’s run by my friend Doug Godkin in partnership with Dr. Pedersen. In addition to the liquid silver, they also have a gel which is great as a hand sanitizer or to apply to topical wounds or acne. This gel is also really popular with pet owners, as it gets rid of dermal infections very fast. 

3. Turmeric

It’s telling that even mainstream, super-conservative doctors don’t have any shade to throw on turmeric. It would be hard for them to do though, the clinical studies on turmeric are just too overwhelming to dismiss. 

I mostly take turmeric for its anti-inflammatory and immune-supporting effects. But there are also large-scale studies showing turmeric helps protect your liver, mitigate the effects of heavy metals, promote healthy blood sugar, protect against various forms of arthritis, alleviate IBS, and more. 

One thing that’s important to note – in the majority of the major studies I’ve looked at, you need at least 1,000 mg of turmeric a day to get the max benefits…

So, if you're taking a turmeric supplement currently, it’s worth looking at the dosage and seeing if you’re getting enough. 

The type of turmeric I personally prefer is Gaia Herbs, Turmeric Supreme Extra Strength. 

It comes with 60 capsules, and each capsule has a little over 500mg of turmeric and curcuminoids, along with black pepper for absorption. 

I’ll take two capsules most days, and up to 6 capsules when I feel like I’m coming down with something. 

In addition, some of the other supplements on my list are Beta Glucan (by Better Way health) and a probiotic (Garden of Life 30 BN)

So yeah, I don’t know if this is interesting to most of you guys are not. But, it’s what I felt like writing about today LOL. 

I’m already at my office and about to get to work.

I’ll be finishing up some edits to the sales page for the Copy Accelerator event first…

Then hopefully finishing a blood glucose support sales letter for a client after that. 

Eden is still fighting off her stomach bug too, so I think Laura is going to take her to the doctor later today. Depending on the time of the appointment, I may try to leave and go to attend that as well. 


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