I’m Going to Triple Conversions on This Offer

Good morning,😊

I have to keep this one pretty short.

I spent the entire morning reworking a sales letter for a skin offer, and now, I only have a couple of minutes until I need to get my daughter up to start the day.🕑

So, in today’s blog post, I just want to reiterate something I said before, which is to remind you to STOP trying to reinvent the wheel.⛔

For this particular offer:

I’m Going to Triple Conversions on This OfferIt is one that a third-party agency wrote for a past client of mine.

The product itself is incredible, but the copy is mediocre at best as lots of parts are out of order and other parts are completely unnecessary.

What do I mean?

Well, for example, the product is a topical skin serum, but there are many long asides in the copy abo

ut how the main ingredient helps with all of these other conditions and problems, which sounds like it wouldn’t be a big deal, but the studies being referenced are for when you take the ingredient as a supplement, not when you rub it on your face.

This means that all those studies are completely irrelevant and they distract the reader from the core value proposition.

However, because the product is very good, my partner, Cody, and I decided to buy the offer off of the original owner, but it took me some time to get to it.

I have rewritten it pretty extensively, and I’d be willing to bet any amount of money that I will triple the conversions on it.


I’m Going to Triple Conversions on This OfferIt's simple; I’m just swiping the shit out of another skincare offer of mine that I know works.

Why wouldn’t I?

If that other offer works, then of course I’m going to model off of it. Please note, however, that swiping doesn’t mean that I am “copying and pasting.” Instead, I am just following the exact same format and structure, and I am rewriting a lot of lines as if I am a human thesaurus.


The end result:

After spending five hours on it overall, I've basically written an entirely “new” sales letter from scratch. Like I said earlier, I’d be willing to bet any amount of money that this version is going to crush the original. So yes, use this blog post as inspiration, and once the offer is up and live, I’ll let you know how it does.


P.S. I'm feeling

lucky to be in the industry that I’m in.

My partner, Cody, and I have done over $100k in revenue so far, and almost all of it was on one single offer, so I'm stoked to get this new skin offer launched ASAP so that we can start doing $200k a day 🙂

Speaking of that:

For you freelancers out there who are worried that it’s all doom and gloom, the truth is that a lot of the guys in our space are crushing it right now and there’s more work than ever. You might just need to grind hard to find the right clients 🙂

If you need help figuring out where to look, some of the best verticals right now are health, survival, pockets of financial, and biz opp.


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