On Recognizing Patterns in Your Career and Life

I think it’s important to be attuned to natural patterns in our lives.🤷

For example, one thing I realized going into our last event for Copy Accelerator…🤓

Was that in the week that followed…

Career and LifeI’d have a LOT on my list.

There’s a lot of post-event follow-up stuff to get done…📃

Plus, there’s all of the regular stuff that I put off during the event that I need to jump on.

It makes sense, right?

But I didn’t use to think this way.

Instead, I’d tell myself that I was going to take it really easy in the week after an event…

And then end up feeling stressed and frustrated when it seemed like there were a million things that needed my attention.

So rather than keep combatting that…

I changed my attitude.

Now I just accept that the week or two after an event will be busy, and that’s totally cool.

Plus, of equal importance…

I also plan for taking more time for rest and relaxation a few weeks later.

The important thing is that I’m actively planning for all of this – both the times where I’ll work more and the times where I’ll work less.

It makes a huge difference…

Yet, so many of us don’t think in anything but 24-hour increments…

So then, when stuff comes up that we’re not expecting we get angry, frustrated, or overwhelmed.

Planning is a life-changing activity…

Career and LifeAnd it becomes a lot easier once you start to recognize natural patterns in your business and life.

Here are a few more for me that I’ve come to realize:

When I was a freelancer, money was normally tightest in January of each year. Why? Clients aren’t really hiring a bunch. Instead they’re busy with their new launches.

But by February, they kind of know what’s working and what’s not, and they’re getting the itch to take on new projects or fix things that are broken.

In general, for me these days January is still one of my lowest income months…

But typically March-May, I tend to crush it.

I don’t know exactly why, but it’s just the way things tend to go for me.

And also…

I know that I’m usually likely to feel stressed or like I have too much on my plate in January and February…

But that, by the middle of March, I normally feel much more relaxed…

And this continues into April and May.

It could be linked up with the natural seasons (longer days, warmer days, I’m outside more and happier, I’m working less so when I do work it means I’m more effective, etc.)…

I’m not sure, but I recognize that it happens.

Then for me, the summer is normally pretty average from a financial standpoint.

I’m not hyper-productive, but I travel and enjoy myself…

And I tend to have a really good burst of activity in September and October, where I’m back to crushing.

Mid-October through Early December also tends to be one of my best periods for freelancing income…

Career and LifeBecause there are a ton of people trying to get new projects up and launched by the New Year, and that means hiring a copywriter.

Now everyone is different…

But the point is: knowing that these patterns tend to happen is really helpful.

It allows me to swim with the current in my life rather than fight it.

Plus, it helps me put the way I’m feeling at any given time in context as well.




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