”I’m typically a REALLY slow writer.

And in the past, my research would focus mainly on the mechanism while neglecting the prospect (which is a HUGE mistake).

I’ve gotten about 3 hours of deep work today and jotted down over 3,000 words.

It might not sound like much…

But that, to me, is remarkable.

Not only am I more connected to the prospect (thanks to the prospect-heavy research)…

But I’m not suffering from the ‘Blank Page Blues’ that so many writers agonize about.

It’s like I have a clear vision of the sales argument in my head. This is making the sales writing process immensely easier.

It’s like I’ve been given a compass, a detailed map, and a flashlight to help me with my journey.

I know exactly where I need to go… AND… how to get there.

(I was gonna make the comparison of the RMBC method to a GPS, but that would make it sound way too easy… make no mistake, this is still work, but it’s a F&*K TON easier!)”

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Stefan Georgi

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