This Movie Should Be Required Viewing For All Marketersā€¦

The other night, Laura and I watched The Big Short (2015).šŸŽ„

Itā€™s one of my favorite movies, and I hadnā€™t seen it in a while…

And with all the stuff going on in the world right now,

Iā€™d been having this urge to watch it.

Especially because I keep thinking, ā€œwhat is it thatā€™s obvious, but that Iā€™m not seeing?ā€šŸ§

Thatā€™s what the movie is all about.

Itā€™s about the 2008 housing market crashā€¦

And how a handful of people saw it coming, while the rest of us didnā€™t.

Which made them a huge fortune.šŸ’°

This Movie Should Be Required Viewing For All Marketersā€¦Now, the movie is worth watching simply because itā€™s a really good filmā€¦

With excellent performances from Christian Bale, Steve Carrell, Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, and others

But the reason Iā€™m writing to you about it todayā€¦

Is because this film does an incredible job of taking complex conceptsā€¦

And explaining them in easy to understand ways.

In one scene, Ryan Gosling explains to Steve Carellā€™s team how Mortgage Bonds are made up of layers of tranchesā€¦

And why thatā€™s a bad thing that will lead to the housing marketā€™s collapse.

He does it by using a Jenga set, where the pieces are labeled AAA, AA, A, BBB, BB, Bā€¦

He shows how as the riskier bonds at the bottom start to failā€¦

The whole system eventually falls apart.

Itā€™s an entertaining scene, for sureā€¦

But, what I love about it so muchā€¦

Is the way it uses a visual illustrationā€¦

And simplified dialogueā€¦

To make a seemingly complex topic very easy to understand.

Because hereā€™s the thing:

Thatā€™s what our main job is as marketers and copywritersā€¦

Weā€™re trying to show the real reason the prospect has been struggling.

And in order to do that,

We need to explain what are sometimes complex concepts to themā€¦

But do this in a way that is stupidly easy to understand.

Well, The Big Short does this again, and again, and again:Ā 

Early on in the movie, to explain mortgage-backed securities, subprime loans, tranches, and other complex termsā€¦

They cut to Margot Robbie drinking champagne in a bathtub to explain all these concepts (hereā€™s the clip).

Later, they cut to the late Anthony Bourdain in a kitchen as he explains Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDOs) using three-day-old halibut to make a fish stew (here's the clip)ā€¦

This Movie Should Be Required Viewing For All Marketersā€¦Iā€™ve linked to all of the afo rementioned YouTube scenes in this article.

And seriously ā€“ you really should watch them (like 10 minutes total)ā€¦

Because the way these scenes are writtenā€¦

The way they take complex concepts and make them easy to visualize and understandā€¦

Is identical to how you should be engaging with prospects in your marketing.

K, thatā€™s it for now.

Hope you and yours have an awesome day!



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