Why Most Freelancers Shouldn’t Accept Equity


The topic of whether freelancers should accept an offer/promise of equity in a company came up during a bonus call we did for Copy Accelerator. This is something I have a lot to say about, so I laid out my thoughts really clearly.🧘

Then I went downstairs and my wife was talking to one of her contractors who was asking about equity, and she was giving that contractor a pretty similar answer.🤔

So given the serendipity of this moment, I took it as a sign and shot a video about why most freelancers are better off not taking equity in the businesses they work with. 

You can check out the video on YouTube by clicking here

And when you watch, you’ll discover: 

The truth about equity and why having ownership doesn't mean you'll make more money… 

The sneaky way some people offer you equity as a way to take advantage of you… 

How owning even a small percentage of equity in a company can actually take cash out of your pocket… 

Plus, the two alternative deal structures that ensure you maximize your earnings in a business venture, and get paid no matter if the business you're working for is profitable or not. 

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The video is less than 10 minutes long, and watching it can save you a TON of headache, heartache, and financial hardship. So highly recommend you check it out when you have a second!


– SPG 

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