“Casino Psychology” and winning sales copy.

A while back, my wife Laura and I had a date night and decided to stop by the local casino near our house for a drink and some gambling.🥂

While we were at the casino, we played some roulette, which is probably my favorite casino game.

When we got up to the table, it was empty…🤔

And it stayed that way for the first 30 minutes or so…

But I kept winning.🏆

“Casino Psychology” and winning sales copyPeople walking by would see that I had a decent amount of money on the table (I was betting a few hundred dollars per spin, which is more than most folks bet)

Then they’d see me hitting numbers…

Then they’d pull out $100 to try their own luck…

Then another person would walk by and see that the table was getting crowded, see me hitting a number, and figure, “oh, this must be a lucky table”…

And then they'd pull out $150 and join as well.

It didn’t take long for the table to be crowded…

And anyone who has been in a casino knows this is a pretty common phenomenon (just watch what happens at a loud craps table – it’s like bees to honey).

Now the reason for writing about this is because the same principle behind what happens in casinos can also apply to your sales funnels…

Specifically in the form of testimonials and social proof.

You want to give your prospective customers massive FOMO.

People want validation for their decisions.

People want to feel smart, or at least not alone.

So when you load up your landing pages, emails, ads, etc. with testimonials, videos, and user generated content…

“Casino Psychology” and winning sales copyYou tend to create that casino effect…

Where people who were just passing by get pulled in…

And start thinking, “well heck, maybe I should try this too.”

Not groundbreaking stuff…

But I figured this was worth mentioning since sometimes we tend to graze over testimonials, and they are vitally important.



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