Read this if you hate Guy Fieri

To some people, Guy Fieri seems like a walking punchline.🤔

The “Mayor of Flavortown”…

Bleached hair, a crazy-ass goatee, and some kind of soul patch thing on his chin…

The dude has been ragged-on in TV Shows, by standup comedians, in movies, and by lots of snobby “elites” for over a decade.

Read this if you hate Guy FieriAnd yet, for all those punchlines…

It’s Guy who’s getting the last laugh…

Because the dude signed an unprecedented $80MM deal with the Food Network for 3 years of content.

And that $80MM is in addition to all the money he makes from his restaurants, licensing, etc. too.

To me, though, for all those Guy Fieri haters out there…

This is the perfect exemplification of a cardinal marketing rule:

Just because you’re not the target market, it doesn’t mean the market doesn’t exist.

It sounds obvious, but you see it all the time.

“Who the hell would watch a 45-minute Video Sales Letter then buy something?”

Over one-hundred-million people each year.

“Who the hell would ever support Donald Trump?”

Roughly half of America.

“Who the hell would ever smoke cigarettes?”

19% of the world’s population.

You can have your own opinions and beliefs, and that’s fine…

But as soon as you start extrapolating those beliefs towards others…

And assuming that everyone feels the way you feel…

Or, even worse, you start believing that everyone else should feel the way you feel…

That’s where things get problematic.

That’s generally bad for society at large…

But also specifically in the context of marketing…

It’s often a great way to stay broke 🙂


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