Freelancers – what are your thoughts about joining a mastermind?

You may be wondering whether to take the plunge and join a mastermind or attend a mastermind event. Will it be worth the time and money? Read on to get opinions from other freelancers.  And if you’re ready to give a copywriting mastermind a try, click to learn how Copy Accelerator is turning good copywriting freelancers into truly great ones who are producing some of the highest- grossing copy in the biz.

Lucy Malloch

Lucy Malloch

Lucy Malloch, M.Ed., TESOL, Founder of Language with Lucy. Lucy is a trained, certified classroom teacher, having received her Master’s degree in education, with a focus on teaching modern foreign languages and curriculum design, from Boston University.

Masterminds Help Your Professional Development

Masterminds are a great way to do professional development. While I have had other jobs and bosses to help me build my professional career, when you are a freelancer, you don't have a boss to help you do this. You are on your own, so your development is on you.

Masterminds are a great time for [development]. The one thing I think could make them better, is for more of them to have an open Q&A at the end. This way, if there is a question that we as participants/viewers might have, we can ask them. Makes it more personal.

Masterminds As Stress Relief

Masterminds can be a great solution to the isolation and burnout that comes with being a freelancer. Sure, if the chemistry isn't there, they can feel like a waste, but finding a mastermind that's a great fit is worth the effort. A well-curated group provides connection, support, inspiration, and solutions, without demanding a huge time commitment. As a freelancer, what more could you ask for?

Darci Ellenberger

Darci Ellenberger

Copywriter Darci Ellenberger whips up delectable website copy for her clients at Sweet Tooth Creative.
Amy De Wolfe

Amy De Wolfe

Amy De Wolfe, Graphic Design Freelancer at Presentation Design Pro.

A Great Way to Network

As a graphic design freelancer, I am a fan of Masterminds. I find them to be a great way to spark new energy and ideas into my work. They are also a great way to network, and I get a lot of value from the discussions both from people in my field, graphic design and people in other industries that would be considered unrelated.

I’ve had great feedback on my business issues and client work, and I have benefited from helping problem solve for others. It breathes life into my own business in unexpected ways as it draws me out of my usual operating procedures and fires up thinking about things in new ways.

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