How To Get Out Of A Rut

After my previous post, Marvin Artates asked me a follow-up question about pivoting. 

He said:

“Why not talk about how to get out of a rut and pivot? I’m sure there are times where you are stuck spinning on the hamster wheel, living life on autopilot, doing the same things over-and-over. Unconsciously you know you have to change your action but you don’t have the motivation to do it.”

Well here’s my two-part answer for Marvin 🙂

1. If I’m in a short-term rut, I’m actually okay with that. 

I’ve found that business, life, and productivity are all about ebbs and flows. So if there’s ever a week where I’m just not that motivated and don’t get as much done as I wanted – I don’t beat myself up about it. 🤷

Instead, I just embrace it. 🤩

How To Get Out Of A RutThat might seem like weird advice, but what I’ve found is that normally those ruts never last that long anyways. Maybe a week or two weeks at most…

And for every unmotivated stretch, I tend to have a stretch where I’m prolific and on fire.

So rather than beat myself up when I’m just not feeling it…

I use it as a sign that my brain/body needs or wants some downtime…🧘

And during a rut, I'll get the most essential stuff done…

But then I go read a book, or spend time with family, or do whatever.

How To Get Out Of A Rut2. For the longer-term rut, one of the best remedies is to change up your environment. 

I think that’s crucial…

If I’m in a rut, traveling to a different place for a week (or even a few days) can really help.


I think new environments just stimulate us…

Plus, they also break whatever patterns or habits we’re dealing with.

I’ve personally found that when I go somewhere new, I end up being pretty productive both during my trip, and for a few weeks when I return home.

Even during COVID-19, this is still something you can do…

If you’re feeling stuck…

Rent an Air BNB somewhere you wouldn't normally go…

Maybe in the mountains, or by a river, or by the beach…

Then post-up there for a couple of days.

While you're away, get some work done in the mornings if you want to…

But also take the time to go outside and get fresh air, enjoy nature, go on adventures, etc.

If you do that, there’s a good chance it’ll help you feel refreshed and inspired both during your trip…

And after you've returned home.



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