When you can’t trust yourself (mindset)

Here’s a question that recently came from a Copy Accelerator member:👇

“How can I grow as a copywriter and marketer if I can’t trust myself?”

This might seem like an odd question to some people, but it’s actually pretty common…🤷

Because, when you’re early on in your career, you have a lot of self-doubts.🤔

You think:

“What if my copy isn’t good enough?”

“What if I sabotage this project?”

“What if I don’t complete the project?”

“What if I do a bad job on the project?”

And a million other thoughts.🙄

Obviously, there’s no magic bullet for mindset…

But one thing that I shared with this person, and that I think helped, was this:

You don’t have to trust yourself, just trust the process.

When you can’t trust yourself (mindset)This is more powerful than it may appear at first hand, and here’s why:

By trusting the process, you let your “self” off the hook.

Now it’s not about you at all. Ego has been removed. All the psychological hang-ups are less important.

Instead of agonizing over whether or not you trust yourself…

You can just laugh and say, “nope, I don’t trust myself, and that’s okay!”

Plus, trusting a proven process then gives you a singular thing to focus on. And it brings comfort too.

Remember: processes dictate outcomes.

So if the process is a good one, and it has been proven to work many times for many people…

Why is it not going to work for you?

Really, why not?

Is it because you were a bad person in a past life, and now you have bad karma that will last a lifetime and that you can’t change?

Is everything in life pre-determined? And you can say with high confidence that you're a lost cause, and you’re destined for failure and mediocrity?

If you’re a fatalist, then nothing that I say, or anyone else says, will make a difference.

But if you’re not…

And you see a process working again-and-again-and-again…

Then really, why wouldn’t it work for you?

It should…

But of course, you’ve got to commit to it.

Well, the good news is that for many people, committing to a process is easier than committing to themselves.

When you can’t trust yourself (mindset)Sounds strange, but it’s true…

And that’s okay.

Just find processes that are proven to work, follow them, and you’ll tend to get consistent results.

This doesn’t mean it’ll happen every time…

But a lot of the time.

And there are processes for EVERYTHING.


Public speaking…

Phone sales…


So your job, early on, is to be a “Process Hunter.”

Find the processes that are proven to work for others and that seem doable to you…

And follow them.

That’s it.

Pretty easy.

And hopefully, this simplifies things for you 🙂


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