3 entrepreneurs walk into a bar (here’s what they talk about)

A while back, I met up with my friend Ryan Alarid at a bar near the Vegas Strip.

If you don’t know Ryan, he’s one of the most connected people in the DR Industry…

And now he’s a partner in DigiStore…

Where he’s already helped them to go from $3M to over $60MM in revenue in a single year…💰

And I think this year they’re trending for something like $380MM in revenue.🎯


Not too shabby, right?

Anyways Ryan is a badass…😎

And about halfway through hanging out…

We were joined by another friend named Gary Watson, who happened to be in town.

Gary is a successful entrepreneur and offer owner who does close to 8 figures per year (he might do more, I’m not 100% sure)…



And after Gary arrived…

We spent the next few hours in conversation.

Since you couldn’t be a fly on the wall…

I figured I’d take a few minutes to share some of the stuff we talked about:


1. Always Keeping a Student Mentality

This was something all three of us agreed on.

The moment you start acting or thinking that you know everything, you start to lose.

All of us can continue to be growing and learning every single day…

And we can always be getting better.


2. Authenticity Wins.

People are attracted to authenticity.

We chatted about how when people try so hard to control the way others view them…

It tends to backfire.

Most of us are attracted to authentic people, warts and all.

Our warts make us human, and they make us relatable.


3. The Secret to Networking Is…

Want to know the secret to networking at industry events?

Don’t talk about business when you meet people.

Just focus on learning about them and becoming their friend.

Going back to #2 – when people like you, they help you.

But when you approach networking as this super transactional thing…

People are turned off.

Transactions are a dime a dozen…

Relationships are priceless and rare…

So cultivate relationships 🙂


4. Imposter Syndrome Never Goes Away

We also talked about how Imposter Syndrome never goes away. All three of us are super successful yet still have moments where we feel “not good enough” or like imposters.

The key is to just be okay with it. Instead of hating yourself for having imposter syndrome, embrace it.

“Oh man, that’s funny that I feel this way. Oh well, nothing I can do. I’ll just carry it with me I guess, but I won’t let it hold me back.”


5. Focus on Creating an Equilibrium Between Your Confidence and Ability

This is something I’ve been meditating upon lately.

You’ll generally find that most people fall into one of two buckets:

Bucket #1: They have really high confidence, but their ability is anywhere from below average to slightly above average.

Bucket #2: They have extremely high ability, but their confidence is anywhere from below average to slightly above average.

Regardless of which bucket you’re in…

The goal is to get both Confidence and Ability up to a high level. That’s a defining characteristic of most successful people that I know. They’re very confident in themselves and their abilities, and they’re not wrong. Their abilities match up with their confidence.



There are a lot of people out there, though, who have a lot of ability, but they have no self-confidence, and it holds them back.

And conversely, there are overconfident people out there who don’t have a ton of ability…

Which also holds them back because people are wary of folks who can’t back up their talk.

Anyways, I just wanted to share.

I figured you might find it interesting to hear what a bunch of successful entrepreneurs talk about over drinks…

And perhaps you found one of these takeaways interesting or useful as well.



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