Stop writing “Ads” and start writing conversations.

One of the most common mistakes I see writers making is crafting copy that sounds like an “ad.” It’s super common, and while it happens more frequently with new copywriters, even more experienced writers sometimes fall into the trap.

Stop writing “Ads” and start writing conversationsSometimes I call the voice these writers use the “1950s Radio Ad Guy”…

Although the same voice could just as easily be labeled the “1950s Magazine Advertorial Guy.”

It’s like this made-up persona that people seem to think they need to channel when writing…

And then they start acting and writing like a character in the TV Show Mad Men:

“Indeed, you too can experience the benefits of ______.”

“Yes, more _____ can be yours today!”

“Ask your friends, ask your family, and they will tell you truly: nothing compares to _____.”

People don’t talk that way. And good direct response copy, especially anything D2C, is about having a conversation with a new friend. That’s all your doing – your prospect is a new friend, and you want to make them start looking at you as an old friend, someone they trust deeply.

You do that by showing you understand their pain points, dreams, hopes, and fears (aka connecting with them and building rapport)…

But you also do that by talking to them in a way that feels natural and native to them.

So don’t write in a voice that matches what you “think” a copywriter should sound like…

Write in a voice that you think your prospect would actually listen to.

Stop writing “Ads” and start writing conversationsWe all know that people don’t like being sold to…

Which is why the best ads often don’t feel like ads.

So when it comes to copy…

Stop writing “ads” and start writing conversations…

And you’re likely to have a lot more success as a result.



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Stefan Georgi

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