On Making Your Own Luck

Some time ago, I applied to be a speaker at one of the biggest digital marketing conferences in the world…🎤

Something I’ve gone to many times over the years…

And I’ve always wanted to speak at it.

So, when I got an email one morning saying that they were accepting applications to speak…

I immediately knew I had to apply.

“Cool Stefan, so why are you sharing this?”

Well, here’s why.👇

I’ve done a lot of cool things in the world of copywriting, marketing, and entrepreneurship…

And I could have easily been like: “they should just ask me to speak because I’m so awesome!”

The reality though is that there are a ton of awesome people out there…

Many of whom are just as deserving of a speaking spot as me.

That left me with two choices:

Sitting around, waiting year-after-year, hoping I get lucky and that someone on their team realizes how super-duper I am and reaches out…🙄

Or making my own luck by not just applying, but by also writing a killer pitch for why I’d be a good speaker.

I’ll let you figure out whether or not I got that speaking spot.

That all being said, I just want to remind you that…

Those who win tend to make their own luck.

For example, think of applying for copy gigs. If you’re not applying for gigs, then you’re not getting hired for them either. If you’re not raising your hand at opportunities with clients, they go to someone else. Same thing for speaking, presenting, etc.

Blind luck does make a difference for many, but making your own luck is what you can control.

Obviously, blind luck plays a role in our lives too. It’s a huge part of it. There’s a million ways I’m super lucky. But the lesson remains: the people who tend to get ahead, no matter their circumstances, are the ones who take immediate action when opportunities are presented.

Having a little ego is healthy. Having such a big ego that you think everyone owes you something is a recipe for constant disappointment.

That’s one of the biggest secrets of the very successful in our space. I don’t ever want to be too “big” or “smart” or “self-important.” There are always things we can learn – regardless of if that’s copywriting, marketing, or something else. Most of the other top copywriters and entrepreneurs in our space feel the same way.

We shouldn't be afraid to share our dreams with others.

This might be woo-woo sounding…

But I've found that the universe tends to listen when we speak, but it also has a real hard time reading our minds.



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Stefan Georgi

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