Weird Times + An Important Copy Lesson

Good morning.😊

These are weird times we’re in right now.

I don’t know what else to say.

I’ve already written more than a few times about COVID-19 and I don’t want to make this whole post about the topic too.

But the pandemic is dominating people’s psyches. 😷

I’m no different…

And what I’m personally battling with…

Is how I can put this preoccupation with COVID-19 to the side…

And focus on needle moving activities for me… 🧐

Like creating my RMBC Course.

Weird Times + An Important Copy Lesson

My guess is that a lot of people aren’t going to be able to focus enough to get any “deep work” done during the next few weeks…

So, if I’m able to buck that trend…

It’ll put me in a really good position going forward.

So yeah, that’s what I’m focused on.

Weird Times + An Important Copy Lesson

With all of this being said, I did have an interesting realization when I got home from the Speaker’s Dinner for TCC IRL…

I was feeling a bit more concerned about COVID-19 due to Trump closing the borders with Europe, Tom Hanks and his wife having the virus, and the NBA cancelling the rest of their season.

So, what did I do?

I went online and I bought multiple water filtration devices.

Then, I bought 4 portable solar chargers from Allen Baler’s company 4Patriots…🛒-

Then, Laura and I placed a $1,000 Amazon order that contained a ton of non-perishable food + multiple bottles of my favorite supplements.

I even considered buying the $2,500 solar generator that 4Patriots sells…

But I’m gonna wait and see if I can get Allen to give me the friends and family discount.

Anyways, what I realized while I was busy spending like $2,000 in the course of an hour…

Is that the reason I was buying had nothing to do with any of the products themselves…

And more so with peace-of-mind and security.

By buying all of this stuff…

I felt like I was “doing something” to protect my family. That I was making a smart decision.

And that made me feel calmer and better. It alleviated some of my fears of worst case scenarios…

Weird Times + An Important Copy Lesson

Where I’m totally wrong about the virus, everyone gets it, and society totally breaks down.

I still don’t think that’s going to happen…

But it was like “better be prepared.”

And honestly, later today I might go buy a gun or two if Laura will let me as well.

Seems kind of crazy and extreme, right?


But, it makes me feel better.

Weird Times + An Important Copy Lesson

And, here’s the thing…

This is what our prospects are thinking when they buy our products, too.

At least, if the copy is good.

You’re never selling a weight loss pill…

You’re selling transformation, confidence, adoration, accomplishment.

You’re never selling an investment guide…

You’re selling security for the prospect and his family… the chance to be the smartest guy in the room for a change. The freedom that comes from a wealthy retirement.

Make sense?

That’s why product “features” don’t really matter…

And why benefits only matter if you take them several layers deep.

If you’re selling a home with ocean views…

Saying “you’ll enjoy beautiful views of the ocean” is an okay benefit…

But saying something like:

“You’ll enjoy beautiful ocean views that have you waking up each morning experiencing an immediate feeling of calmness, tranquility, and wonder.”

Seems like a subtle difference, but the second is much more powerful…

Because it gets to an emotional and physical state…

Rather than just stating a fact.

Weird Times + An Important Copy Lesson

Anyways, that’s it for now. I’m going to jump right into working on RMBC Course.

And since I didn’t have anything scheduled for today…

I have no excuse not to knock out a TON of the course.


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Stefan Georgi

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